Wardrobe Essentials Worth the Investment


I recently asked one of my favorite stylists what pieces are worth investing in. She said:

1. A Leather Jacket

Even the most casual outfit with a white tee and jeans will look a lot more put together if you throw a leather jacket over.

Zara Biker Jacket

2. Black Jeans

These are essential. They’re perfect for transitioning from day to night. She recommends Acne or Rag & Bone. However, I’ve found an alternative that a few Youtubers have raved about. Still not cheap but it’s better than having jeans that will lose their shape and color in the long run.

AcneTop Shop

3. A Classic Bag

She recommends one with a shape that isn’t too trendy. There are so many options. Designer bags are up there on my “things to buy when I get a stable job” list. For now, I guess I’ll stick to a structured bag that I could use for school, at an office job, formal events, etc.

PradaSaint LaurentChanelH&MAsos Cross Body

Of course, I won’t be able to afford those first three so I’d suggest focusing on the brand and the material of the bag. Is that store known for making durable pieces? Will its fabric and design last a few years with wear and tear?

4. Classic Shoes (My two cents)

I’m coveting shoes that won’t break down after a few months and even years. I’ve heard good things about Zara but let me know if you have other suggestions!

Zara Chelsea Boot

5. A Watch

I’m not super into watches right now but she suggested it!

6. Bed sheets

There are specially made bed sheets to prevent wrinkles now! I sleep on the side of my face a lot so I need to invest in these.


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